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The photographer invites us to share the adventure of Mary, a journey into the heart
its terrors when she landed in the secret garden of new love.
In this process, the colors of his life nuance space to tame and to invest to drown the flashback of the past, erase these absences, mark the territory of memories to be invented. The essential places, always lit a light filter from the outside, darken lived another who refuses to fade. Net, they are managers and provide security to the woman blurred foreground in search of its bearings, its contours, evanescence captured by a maker of life attentive.

They are always three on the picture: the house, the woman and the photographer.

If they can escape the clutches of bricks Hennuyères to explore other privileged places, geographical evasion is not liberating. The path can not be built in for that permeate every day the scent of a new body, traces of new gestures: the golden colors of Mary's life prints slowly in the intimate space that reconstructs the soul to the bed where the bodies rejoice.

Christine Bechet

Photographs taken on film Mamija 7 Ektachrome100
The photographs are scanned by scanner Imacom